Okuli Yatra on 24-03-2018

Okuli Yatra was held on 24-03-2018, Saturday which was been a grand and colorfull festival of Shree Dongerkery Venkataramana Temple ...
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Car Festival – 2018 on 23-03-2018

The car festival was held on 23-03-2018 and the process of Rathaarohana was initiated at 2.30 PM. On the same ...
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Brahmakalshostava celebrated on 6-03-2017

Brahmakalashabhisheka was held on 6-3-2017 Monday at 7:36 AM on the auspicious Meena Lagna Muhurtham, with divine blessings of Shree ...
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Punara Prathistha Mahostava held on 5-03-2017

The Bimba Prathiste of Lord Shree Venkataramana in the newly constructed Granite Shrine at Dongerkery, Mangaluru was held on 5-3-2017, ...
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