Temple Architecture

Old Temple Parikrama

Temple architecture after jeernodhara

The temple consists of outer parikrima, Powli on the four sides, inside parikrima and in the middle the Sanctum Santorum (Garbhagudi Gabhara) in “Vrushubh Ayu” facing Eastwards. The Garbhagudi consists of “Peetha” (Seat) in three steps. On the top step is placed “Moola Chara (movable) Moorthy” of Lord Sri Venkataramana with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi on each side of Venkataramana. On the second step are utsava moorthis of Lord Sri Venkataramana with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. All these idols are made of Panchaloha. The lowest step is occupied by various Saligramas, Srichakra and Shesha. All three seats are covered and decorated with silver Prabhavali and Birudavalies (Divine Flags). Six Nandadeepas are lit throughout day and night. In front of the deities there is silver maker erected with intricately carved designs. Similarly two door frame covers in front are also carved beautifully in silver. Dwarapalas “Jay” and “Vijay” stand on guard on either side of the main door of the Garbhagudi. The “Nade” is supported by four pillars with beautiful designs and colourful chandeliers. Huge bells of bell metal are hung for ringing during pooja time. In front of the entrance to the Powlies there is a huge Dwajastambha (Divine Flag Post) covered with copper plates. Garudha Idol stands on the top of the Dwajastambha and next to it is a huge brass Deepastambha with intricately designed tortoise base and beautifully carved Lions, Elephants and Idols of Mahalaxmi, Maha Vishnu, Shiva, Maha Ganapathi, Krishna, Rama Laxman and Hanumath. Divine Flag of Garuda is hoisted on the first day of Rathotsava, i.e,.. on Dwajarohana Day and Deepastambha is lighted on various important days.

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